Shirley Historical Society Museum Gift Shop
The following Shirley souvenir items are among those available through the Museum store.
The shipping price will be just the cost of the envelope and postage, and that varies depending on weight.
No handling fees will be charged.
See reduced prices on some items at bottom of page

2010 edition has a sketch of the Center Town Hall, comes in a gift box - $12

Shirley Mug and Mousepad
Photos taken around Shirley illustrate these attractive items which are on sale for $20 each.

Books and Booklets

A Promise to Keep, the Story of Dolly of Woodsvillage,
written and illustrated by Sandy Farnsworth. $12.75 for shipping, add $5
Here at Home - Oral Histories of 22 Shirley people - c. 2003 - $7.50
Benton MacKaye, Conservationist, Planner, and Creator of the Appalachian Trail c. 2002 by Larry Anderson - $45.00 non-members $40.00 - members
Boston's Back Bay - by Newman and Holton - tells the story of filling in the Back Bay to build housing lots. One of the prime forces in this project was Norman C. Munson of Shirley. c. 2006 - $30.00 non-members, $25.00 members
Reprint of Chandler's History of Shirley - c.1883 - includes political and religious history of town, genealogy - $50.00 non-members, $40.00 members -
Montachusett Memories - includes 33 historic Shirley photos plus photos from other area towns - $40, Member price $35
Reprint of Bolton's Shirley Uplands and Intervales - c.1914 - Anecdotal history of town includes information on 200 Shirley houses, some genealogy - $35.00 non-members, $28.00 members
Reprint of Town of Shirley Vital Records - births, marriages, and deaths to 1850 - $27.50
The Shirley Story - by Forrest Bond Wing - c. 1981 - Chapters on old town roads, churches, schools, taverns, and Wing family history - $15.00
Shirley Historic Diary 1914-1977 by Lucy P. Longley - $12.00
As Season's Change - poems by Melvin P. Longley - to benefit Longley Acres Conservation Fund - $10.00
Town of Shirley Community Cookbook - $5.00
Altrurian Club Anniversary Cookbook - $5.00
The Last Dairy Farm in Shirley by Louise Longley - $8
Captive and Redeemed - The 2 volume story of John Longley who was captured by the Abenaki Indians - c. 2010 - $25 for the set
The first book ($15)  tells of his capture and the second book ($12)  tells how his family tried to find him and return him to Groton.

Shaker related items for sale
Reproductions of Shirley Shaker spice tins - $12.00
Shakerism for Today - pamphlet explaining a 20th century faith - $1.50
Guide to Shirley's Shaker Buildings - pamphlet with sketches - $3.15
Introducing the Shakers good background information - $5.00
Shaker Heritage Guidebook by Stuart Murray, explores all the Shaker villages and sites - Some copies are slightly used - $14.00
Shaker Village Views by Robert Emler - $15.00
A Shaker Meetinghouse and its Builder - $2.50
Assorted individual Shaker titles. - Contact us for prices and availability.

Cats Meow
Small Wooden Collectible Shirley Buildings

Each building has historical information on the back
First Parish Meetinghouse - $12.00
Center Town Hall - $10.00
Civil War Monument - $8.00
New Fire Station - $10.00

Odds and Ends
Shirley Visors - canvas with black or green trim - $5.00
Calendars with historic notes - $1.00

250th Anniversary Items at Reduced Prices
Canvas Bags - $10
t-shirts medium - $5.00
Videos and DVD's of the 250th anniversary parade - $5
Oval boxes featuring Shirley buildings - $6 and $9
Buttons - $1
Sweatshirts - $10

First Parish Meetinghouse Sketch at Reduced Prices
Signed and numbered prints - $15
Matted signed and numbered print - $25
Stationery - $1 each
Framed pictures - $50