Shirley Historic Records Project: Training Session One
What is a Historic Record?  by  Melissa Mannon
April, 2001

1. What are archives?
    a. Archives as a place to store historic records
    b. Types of records – paper (including manuscripts), photos, film, audio/video, digital
    c. Examples of Archives

2. What do archivists and records managers do?

3. Why are historic records important?
    a. Legal and administrative value
    b. Understanding the past and preparing for the future
    c. Education
    d. Research
    e. Sense of community
    f. Marketing and outreach

4. What are our responsibilities regarding the historical materials?
    a. For individuals
    b. For collecting agencies

5.   Toward a clearer understanding of collaboration
    a. Collection development policies – who collects what?
    b. Collaborative projects
    c. Archives in Massachusetts – Shirley’s archives important to the Commonwealth and American heritage