pre-WWII photo of former Edward E. Edgarton residence (No. 1 Harvard Road

Former Edward Edgarton residence (historical photo)

The back of this photo is inscribed:

Home of Mr. Edward E. Edgarton, No. 1 Harvard Road in Shirley.

Mr. Edgarton always said that "Cranberries built the house" as he operated cranberry bogs in Shirley.

The house was designed by H.M. Francis and Son of Fitchburg.

Because of the slate roof the house framing was extra heavy.

Cost of construction was around $3,000.00 in the early 1900.

Persons left to right.

Mrs. Smith (only child of the Edgartons)
Mr. Smith of Worcester
A child of the Smiths
Mr. Edward E. Edgarton
Mrs. Edgarton
Edgartons' maid (name unknown)