Petitioners, March 1, 1747

To the inhabitants of the town of Groton, assembled in town meeting on this first day of March, 1747.  The petition of us the subscribers, being all inhabitants of the town of Groton, afroresaid, humbly showeth, that your petitioners all live in the extreme parts of the town, and by that means are incapacitated to attend public worship constantly, either ourselves or families; and being sensible that our being set off in order for a precinct will be of great service to us, we desire that we may be set off by the bounds following, viz., beginning at the mouth of the Squannacook River, and so run up said river till it comes to Townsend line, and then up Townsend and Lunenburg lines till it cometh to Groton southwest corner, and so by the south line in said town until it cometh to Lancaster (Nashua) River, and then run down said river until it come to Harvard corner, and then about a mile on Harvard north line, then turn to the north and run to the waste brook on Coicors (Canicus or Nonacancus) farm, where people generally pass over, and from thence to the mouth of the Squannacook river where we first began.

Caleb Bartlett, Moses Bennett, Jr., Phineas Burt, Joseph Dodge, Henry Farwell, Isaiah Farwell, Oliver Farwell, William Farwell, David Gould, Jonathan Gould, Francis Harris, Robert Henry, Caleb Holden, Isaac Holden, Philemon Holden, Stephen Holden, Jr., John Kelsey, Thomas Laughton, Jonas Longley, Daniel Page, James Park, James Patterson, Jarathmael Powers, William Preston, John Russell, Hezekiah Sawtell, William Simonds, John Whitney, Jacob Williams, John Williams, John Williams, Jr., William Williams, Joseph Wilson

Information taken from Seth Chandlerís History of Shirley

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