Shirley Historic Records Project Update March 16, 2001

The Committee has hired Melissa Mannon of Archives and Information Consulting Services as our consultant.
Melissa is an information specialist with experience organizing and managing town, city, historical society, library, museum, and corporate records.  (See www.mannon.org/archives.)  She will be leading three workshops to educate local records managers about the identification, care, and organization of historic records.  The first workshop will be held at the end of April, specific time and place TBA.  In early April, Melissa will be contacting Shirley organizations and setting up appointments to meet with them and help do a survey of their records.

We have received another donation for $250 towards the project.  This donation is from the Fidelity Bank.  Thank you, Friends at Fidelity.  Now we only need $325 more to cover our local share of the project.

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