Shirley Men in the Army of the Rebellion

John H. Alger, private
Michael T. Ames, private
James Armstrong, private
Octave Anedette, private
George W. Baker, private
Oliver Balcom, private
Horace A. Balcom, private
Frank Balcom, private
Thomas Baley, private
George V. Barrett, 1st Lieutenant
George H. Beard, private
Frank M. Boynton, private
Christoff Brockennan, private
Joseph Brooker, private
Charles H. Brown, private
Norman H. Bruce, private
Henry Bunnell, private
Henry S. Butler, musician
Medard Bourcard, private
Edward E. Carr, private
Norton E. Chamberlain, corporal
Charles P. Chandler, private
Andrew J. Clough, captain
Philip Conners, private
Charles H. Cowdrey, private
Moses Cram, private
John R. Cram, private
Thomas Daley, private
Michael Danlon, private
Granville C. W. Davis, corporal
Charles B. Davis, private
Henry A. Dixon, colored, private
Edward Donahue, private
Percy H. Dunkins, private
Joseph Duprey, private
Estis Elliott, private
Henry Elmore, private
Owen Elmore, private
George A. Farmer, private
W. H. Farmer, private
Joseph A. Farnsworth, private
John W. Farren, private
Simon Fields, private
Jeremiah Flynn, private
George F. Fuller, private
Patrick Gately, private
John Gately, private
Rock St. Goah, private
John Goodhue, private
John Goss, private
William Greenalgh, private
Benjamin Grovner, private
James Haley, private
William L. Harris, private
Albert L. Hartwell, private
James Hawksworth, private
George Haynes, private
Alvin Henry, private
George C. Hill, captain
William Hodgman, private
Charles Hoffman, private
Robertus F. Holden, private
Stephen Howard, private
Henry Johnson, private
Josephus Jones, colored, private
Albert Kilburn, private
Charle E. Kilburn, private
Clesson Kenney, sergeant
Daniel L. King, sergeant
Peter King, private
Thomas Kittridge, private
Thomas Kelley, private
Carle Lamerlain, private
Samuel Lane, private
George A. Lancey, private
John B. Lapine, private
Joseph Lasier, private
Peter Lavily, private
George F. Lawrence, private
James H. Little, musician
John H. Linnehan, private
Stephen W. Longley, 2nd Lieutenant
Harriman Longley, musician
Frank Lovely, private
William McGill, private
Phelix McGovern, private
Isaac A. McDaniels, private
John McGarty, private
James McGill, private
George H. Mason, private
William McLelland, private
Daniel Mahoney, private
Walter Mitchell, private
David Morrell, private
William M. Moses, private
Emery Munyon, private
George Munyun, private
Thomas McGovern, private
Joel C. Neat, private
Harrison Nelson, private
Alexander Nelson, private
Abel Nickless, private
Daniel O'Hern, private
Michael O'Neal, private
George F. Parker, private
Marcus M. Parmenter, private
Sidney Parris, colored, private
John Peterson, colored, private
Charles W. Richards, private
John Roach, private
Charles F. Robbins, private
Harrington W. Sanders, private
Otis Sartell, private
Charles P. Sartell, private
James Sawtell, private
E. M. Smith, private
Marcus M. Spaulding, private
Lorenzo Spaulding, private
Henry B. Story, private
Henry Taylor, private
Walter Taylor, private
Granville P. Travis, private
James Taylor, private
Walter Underwood, private
William W. Underwood, private
William F. Warren, musician
Henry A. Walters, private
Stephen Wheeler, corporal
John Wheeler, corporal
John G. White, private
Henry K. White, private
Wellington S. White, private
Walter Wright, private
Frederick Wilson, private
John Zimmerman, private
Naval Volunteers
Charles Love
Charles E. Richards

The whole number mustered into the federal service from Shirley was one hundred thirty-eight; two of whom belonged to the navy. Of this number twenty-one were killed or died in camp, hospital, or at home of disease engendered by the hardships of army life.

This information was taken from Seth Chandler's History of Shirley.

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